Five High-Tech Features to Consider for Your Next Toilet

New toilets promise to make the bathroom experience cleaner, more relaxing and more high-tech than ever before. If you are thinking about having a plumber install a new toilet in your home, remember that you don't have to choose the conventional standby. Instead, you can explore a wide range of toilets with exciting features like these five: 1. Touchless Technology When you, your family members or your guests go into your bathroom, you can easily pick up or leave germs by touching the surfaces in your bathroom. [Read More]

Plumbing Access Panels: Four Stylish Ideas For Your Home

An access panel is a panel or small doorway in a wall providing access to your plumbing pipes. Typically, these panels are located near bathtubs or showers. When a plumber or a homeowner opens the panel, he or she can easily access the plumbing leading to those taps, and he or she can turn off the water and replace pipes or fittings as needed. Some people opt to not install access panels because they do not like how they look. [Read More]