5 Kitchen Habits to Prevent Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are a problem that many homeowners dread. They lead to slow-draining sinks, bad smells, and big repair bills if you have to call out a plumber to deal with them. You probably already take care to avoid flushing objects down the toilet or letting hair clog the drain in your shower, but did you know that how you act in the kitchen can also lead to blockages in your home's plumbing? [Read More]

Three plumbing projects to improve your household water quality

Water quality is a key issue for many homeowners. Consequently, there are number of plumbing projects that can guarantee your family clean, safe and sweet tasting water. Check out the following three plumbing projects that you can choose from to improve your water quality. Add a water filter Irrespective of the source of your household water supply, whether from a well or the municipal water supply, installing a water filter will serve to improve the overall quality and taste. [Read More]

3 DIY Pool Pump Troubleshooting Tips to Try Before Calling a Plumber

A pool pump is an essential part of the swimming pools plumbing because it is responsible for generating sufficient water pressure utilized to push water through the filter. As a matter of fact, the pool pump functions similarly to the human heart. Unfortunately, like all plumbing mechanism, pool pumps experiences various problems. Below are DIY solutions to some of the most common issues pool pumps experience. •    When the water fails to get pulled [Read More]

Blocked Drains: Telltale Signs Your House Has A Problem

One of the most harrowing situations that you can contend with as a homeowner is severe blockages in your drainage system. In the worst-case scenarios, these blocked drains can burst and can leave you having to contend with water damage or worse yet, a sewer burst on your property. This is why it is important to ensure you know how to spot the symptoms of drain blockages before they can get a chance to become worse over time. [Read More]