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3 Ways To Add Visual Interest To Your Monochromatic Bathroom Renovation

Like many Australians, you may be considering a monochromatic palette for your bathroom renovation project. Monochrome is a stylish and modern look and involves using a minimal range of colours that are all slight variations of one key hue. Sometimes a monochromatic palette can look a little bland and flat, so here are three ways you can inject some visual interest and texture into your bathroom design.

1. A free-standing bathtub

An elegant and imposing free-standing bathtub is a great way to create a focal point in your bathroom and break up the expanse of minimalist colour. Even if it's the same colour as the rest of your bathroom, it will still stand out and add contrast and an eye-catching feature.

You can opt for an ultra-modern shape, such as a tear drop tub or even a cubist-style square tub. Alternatively, there are many free-standing bathtubs that are replicas of old-fashioned tubs from colonial times. Whichever style you choose, be aware that standard plumbing for drainage and fixtures will need to be modified by your plumber to suit the free-standing style.

2. Sculptural taps and shower heads

Opting for sculptural taps and shower heads is a fantastic way to add some fun and pizzazz to a monochromatic bathroom design. There is an enormous array of non-traditional styles available on the market, and they can help to make your bathroom unique and highly personalised.

As well as deciding on a particular shape and style of fitting, it's also wise to think about the finish you'd like. A bathroom that is using mainly natural tones and textures would benefit from the visual contrast provided by high-gloss chrome fittings. If you've opted for shiny, glazed tiles, tub and sink, then consider fittings with a matt finish, such as powder coated aluminium or oxidised steel.

3. Ornate tiles

Introducing some pattern and interest into your monochromatic bathroom can break up the solid blocks of colour. An excellent way to do this is by using some ornate tiles in your chosen monochromatic hue. You can choose from simple geometric design right through to highly ornate Moroccan style motifs.

Ornate tiles can be used on the walls, the floor or in the shower recess to create a bold design that stays true to the monochromatic aesthetic. They can also be used in small bands, both horizontally or vertically, to highlight features of the room such as sinks, lighting, mirrors or bathtubs.

For some people, a monochromatic palette may seem unexciting or unadventurous. However, by adding these decorative features, you can have a visually striking and stylish bathroom that still enjoys the serenity of a limited colour scheme.