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Handy Plumbing Hacks for Homeowners

Having some plumbing tips and tricks up your sleeve is essential. They will come in handy during plumbing emergencies and maintenance. While some plumbing issues require a plumber's input, there's a lot you can do on your own regarding plumbing maintenance and repairs. However, you must be careful when undertaking any plumbing tasks in your home, especially repairs. To get you started, here are some quick plumbing hacks worth knowing.

Always Know Your Shut-Off and Main Valves' Location

It's crucial to know where your main valves and shut-off valves are located. It will come in handy during plumbing emergencies like burst pipes. When this happens, shutting off your water supply will help minimise damages. Besides your main valve, knowing the access points to your sewer lines is also crucial as you may need to clean them at some point.

Separate Shut-Off Valves on Your Plumbing Fixtures

Getting a plumber to fit individual shut-off valves on your main plumbing lines and fixtures is also essential. If you need plumbing repairs on one of the fixtures, you won't have to worry about lacking water for your other fixtures as you only need to shut off the specific valve.

Pay Extra Attention to Flushing

What you flush down the toilet makes all the difference when it comes to toilet clogs. Not everything is flushable, and knowing the difference will save you from dealing with messy toilet clogs. Therefore, avoid flushing down things like feminine hygiene products, paper towels (they are designed to remain strong after exposure to liquids and may not break down easily like toilet paper), disposable diapers, cotton swabs, dry sheets, dental floss, and cat litter.

Invest in Strainers

Dealing with clogs can be messy and time-consuming. And since they are among the most common plumbing problems you may encounter, it's always best to find ways to prevent them. Strainers are practical solutions worth trying. You can use them in your shower, and kitchen sink drains. Keep in mind that strainers come in different options.

Skip the Drain Cleaners

Many homeowners resort to chemical drain cleaners to clear out clogs. That may damage your plumbing system as some of these chemicals are abrasive and can harm your drainpipes. Over time, you may have to deal with corroded pipes and leaks.

Don't Overtighten Your Plumbing Fittings

Overtightening plumbing connections and fittings is a common plumbing mistake many homeowners make when taking on DIY plumbing tasks. Doing this can easily strip screws and break bolts. 

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