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Top 5 Household Causes of Clogged Drains

One of the main problems that homeowners in Australia face is clogged drains. Usually, the blockages start as a minor issue and eventually escalate into a bigger problem. The clogged drains cause flooding, corrosion, slow water drainage, and in extreme cases, costly repairs. Below are the common household causes of blocked drains and how you can fix them.

1.    Hair

Hair is one of the most significant culprits for pipes blockages. The hair binds with sticky substances such as grease, thus causing the blockages. There is a wide range of products that prevents hair from passing through the plughole, but the best way to avoid hair blockages is to check the hair accumulation in the drainage system regularly. 

2.    Soap

The traditional soap bars contain fat or grease, which combines with the water minerals to form a hard residue. The residue, which is commonly known as the scum, stains the pipes and the bathroom. To prevent soap blockages, use the free washes, and clean the ducts frequently to remove any soap build-up.

3.    Food waste

Food wastes such as coffee grounds and tea leaves do not break down easily. Other substances such as oily and greasy food solidify in the pipes, thus causing blockages. Instead of allowing the food wastes to go down the drains, dispose them in your garbage. You can also absorb oil on paper towels then arrange to the compost.

4.    Small objects

Small objects always find their way into the plumbing supply and create havoc. Human waste, toilet paper, and water are the only things that should pass through the sink or toilet drains. If there is any other disposable tiny object, drop it in the compost, trash, or keep it for recycling. If a foreign matter gets into your drainage system, you will most likely need the help of a professional plumber.

5.    Tree roots

Small leaks or cracks in the underground pipes attract tree roots. When they pave their way in the underground pipes, the roots grow and distract the drainage system. Also, if you have a flourishing garden near the canals, regularly check if your drain has leaves or debris. 

The best way to fix the clogged drains is to prevent the entrance of any solid materials to the pipes. And if despite being cautious, your drainage system blocks, seek the help of an experienced plumber. A professional plumber will unblock them and give you further tips for preventing future blockages.