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Why Video Camera Drain Inspection Is Essential When Clearing Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are one of the peskiest plumbing problems any homeowner can face. They cause considerable inconvenience in the home and can be a pain to clear out. 

In the best-case scenario, clogged drains can be cleared out using DIY aides such as hot water, home-made drain cleaning solutions, a plunger or a drain snake. But when there's a major clogging issue, your best bet at fixing the problem is to seek out a professional residential plumber. Stopped-up drains are simply not one of those things you can afford to put on the back burner. 

Many modern residential plumbers use advanced drains cleaning methods such as hydro-jetting and power rodding to clear clogs. But before they can get started, they often need to know what they're up against.

Here's why video camera drain inspection lends itself to use for drain cleaning.

Helps to Pinpoint the Exact Location of Clogs

Trying to figure out the exact location of clogs is a difficult thing when you can't see the interiors of your drains. During a video camera drain inspection, a video camera is manoeuvred through the drains with an LED light mounted on it. The camera delivers a video feed to a computer screen for a plumber to identify areas that need cleaning. This way, the plumber will know where to focus their attention when cleaning your clogged drains. 

Helps to Keep Disruption to a Minimum

Drain repairs that involve breaking floors and walls or excavating the ground to access drains can cause a lot of disruption. The restoration work required post-repairs can significantly increase the total project costs. As video camera drain inspections help to pinpoint the areas that require attention, it results in as little disruption as possible.

Allows Quick Remedying of Clogging Issues

As they help to identify the areas that require repair attention and also prevent unnecessary disruption, video camera drain inspections lead to the fast repair of clogged drains. This can lead to savings on both time and money.

While clogged drains can be cleaned faster and more effectively owing to the use of advanced plumbing technologies such as drain inspection cameras, it's far better to prevent clogs in your drains than to clear them. There are several things you can do to avoid nasty backups in your residential drains. Make sure arranging for regular drain cleaning service is one of them. Drain cleaning service isn't just designed to repair clogged drains but also to prevent clogs in your drains.