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Signs Your Sewer Lines Need Immediate Plumbing Service

Even though your sewer lines are hidden out of sight by being underground, this does not mean that you cannot discern if a problem has developed. Additionally, it is prudent for homeowners to spot the signs of a potential plumbing issue with their sewer lines as more often than not, the problem could escalate into a plumbing emergency that could be expensive to remedy. One of the more common issues that would develop in your sewer lines is blockages, which would eventually begin to affect the plumbing in your home. So what are the signs of undetected clogs in your sewer lines?

Foul odours pervading your residence

A primary indicator of underlying problems with your sewer lines is bad smells in your home. If there is a clog in your sewer line, it means that your household's waste is not being effectively eliminated. As a result, the smells from the waste will travel through the sewer and start to be emitted from your toilet and other drains in your home. Some homeowners make the mistake of ignoring these foul smells under the assumption that they will dissipate on their own. Chances are you will simply become accustomed to the smell as the blockages in your sewer worsen. It is necessary to have a plumber inspect your sewer lines.

Your toilet is continuously backed up

Dealing with a backed up toilet is something that you will experience as a homeowner. Nevertheless, if you find yourself reaching for the plunger on a recurrent basis, it could mean that the problem stems from clogs in your sewer line. To determine this, you should run your bathroom sink before trying to address the toilet clog. If you notice that bubbles start to form in your toilet, it means that there is air trapped in your sewer lines. A plumber should be able to eliminate the clog and release the trapped air, which would fix your recurring toilet problems.

Gurgling noises from your various plumbing fixtures

As long as the plumbing is in working order, some homeowners will ignore gurgling sounds as they assume it is a minor issue. In reality, gurgling noises in the different faucets of your home is a major indicator that air has become trapped in your residence's plumbing system. If this air does not get a release, you could find that your sewer waste will gradually make its way back into your home.

To learn more about your sewer lines, contact local plumbing services and ask for an examination.