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Is Your Plumbing Signalling That It Is Blocked?

Plumbing problems, indeed, can be a source of grief for any homeowner. And when these plumbing problems are not caught on time, it can lead to an array of inconveniences. Not only can the quality of your water become compromised, but it can also translate into lack of water and subsequent expensive repairs. Therefore, it is always astute to be wary of any potential problems and have them addressed before they get the chance to worsen.

A typical issue you may encounter with parts of your plumbing is clogged drains. Nonetheless, not many people know how to identify this issue before it leads to complete blockages. This piece seeks to acquaint you on how to determine if your plumbing is signalling the onset of blocked drains.

Progressively slow drainage

The most significant thing to know about clogged drains is that they do not happen overnight. Thus, you have to keep a sharp eye out for any changes in your drainage. The moment that you begin to notice that there are slow-moving drains at different parts of your home, you should be concerned about an unidentified blockage. Slow drainage can manifest in your toilet, for instance when it takes much longer to flush.

On the other hand, you could notice a slow-moving drain in your bathtub or sink. You may think that a plunger mitigates the issue, but the reality is this is only a temporary measure, especially if the clog is deep in your pipes. The best solution will be hiring a plumber to eliminate the blockage.

Sudden gurgling noises

Any noises from your plumbing should be a red herring of an unidentified problem. Gurgling sounds, especially, should be a cause for concern since it means that the water is not flowing through the hardware correctly. When there is a blockage in the plumbing pipes, it interferes with the redirection of water through the hardware.

The resistance that is caused will then lead to bubbles forming in the pies, which cause the gurgling noises. You should also bear in mind that if this blockage is in your sewer line or your septic tank, it increases the potential of bacteria seeping into your water. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a plumber check out your plumbing once you start to hear strange noises emanating from the hardware.

Rancid odours                                                                                                       

Foul-smelling odours from your plumbing should be a serious red flag of an issue. If your home is always reeking, it means that whatever is stuck in the plumbing is decomposing. If the smells are emanating from the kitchen, it is likely that you have food deposits accumulating in the hardware. If you notice these rank odours in other parts of the home, the problem could range from a leaking septic tank to dead pests in the plumbing pipes.