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Blocked Drains: Telltale Signs Your House Has A Problem

One of the most harrowing situations that you can contend with as a homeowner is severe blockages in your drainage system. In the worst-case scenarios, these blocked drains can burst and can leave you having to contend with water damage or worse yet, a sewer burst on your property. This is why it is important to ensure you know how to spot the symptoms of drain blockages before they can get a chance to become worse over time.

Below are just a few of the different telltale signs that you should be wary of before the blockages wreak havoc on your plumbing.

Your drains are taking significantly longer to drain

One of the first symptoms of a developing blockage is if you find water is taking longer than normal to drain in your bathtub, sinks or toilets. If your drains are in optimum condition, draining water should be characterised by whirlpools forming as water flows down the drain.

If the water has started stagnating and taking much longer to be eliminated, it is highly likely that a blockage if forming either directly in that particular drain or somewhere in your plumbing. Using a plunger may solve the problem but this should not be the regular fix. If you are plunging your drains consistently, then it would be prudent to hire a plumber to locate and eliminate the blockage.

Your toilets have started to overflow

Blockages do not only manifest by preventing the water from going down the drain. They can also end up causing an overflow. This is especially common after you attempt to flush the toilet. If there is a blockage, the water will not be able to drain down your pipes in the appropriate manner. This, in turn, results in a backflow, which will look for an outlet to ease the pressure within the plumbing. Overflowing toilets are a serious sign that needs to be addressed post haste as it puts your residence at risk of being exposed to hazardous waste.

Your drains give off an offending odour

With all the dirt and grime that goes into your drains, they will not smell fresh all the time. This is why it is recommended to clean the different drains in your home on a routine basis. However, if you find that there is a constant offending odour emanating from your drains, it could mean there is a blockage that is decaying within your plumbing. This could range from food items to a dead rodent. Thus, it would be best to seek professional drain cleaning services to determine the underlying cause.