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Guide to the Latest Drainage Systems for Your Car Wash Business

When it's time to upgrade your car wash business or if you are planning to open a new shop, choosing a heavy duty drainage system needs to be a number one priority. After all, significant quantities of water run through the shop on a daily basis. A well-designed system will save time and money. More importantly, it will ensure that your customers and staff stay safe.

This guide will give you some important tips about a recently introduced drainage system that is especially suited for your car wash business.

Trench System Basics

Until recently, the standard drainage system used in the automotive facilities and car wash business was the  trench system. It is very likely that your current shop may have this system in place.This system essentially consists of a long, narrow trough dug out of the ground and covered with a protective grating. It is usually constructed of concrete and lined with polymer. Although these systems are capable of evacuating large volumes of water, they are not corrosion resistant.

Trench systems tend to show a number of disadvantages when compared to a newer and more superior system.

Trench System Disadvantages

The covering grates present a difficulty in that they are continually in need of maintenance because they are:

  • difficult to remove and clean out
  • difficult to replace
  • prone to wear

The constant handling and resulting wear and strain results in rough and uneven surfaces that can become a safety hazard. Staff and clients alike are exposed to  potential slips and falls. The extra costs arising from the need for cleaning, modifying and repairing grates can mount to a substantial unwanted outlay.

The Slot System

As the name implies, these are long, extremely narrow slits on the surface of the ground connected to an underground drain. The only exposed part is at the surface angles, which are constructed from stainless steel. They are minimalist in design and intended not to be noticed.

The actual drain itself is embedded into concrete and is designed to withstand  heavy weights, making it ideal for use in auto facilities.

A slot system comes with an inbuilt slope and has flush valves. These can be hooked up to a timer with a sump pump positioned in the pit, and the system then can continually flush itself by re-cycling its own water. This eliminates the need for maintenance and cleaning.

A major benefit in this system is that it does away with the grates that are necessary to cover a trench structure. It, therefore, eliminates the constant maintenance that is necessary with the grate for removal, cleaning and repair. Additionally, there is not the issue that plagues a concrete trench system when the concrete itself is degraded as it is attacked by acids and chemicals in the water and also attracts bacteria and mould, which produces a bad odour .

It is smart practice to be at the forefront and have the best available infrastructure and technology for your business. The good news for the industry is that there is now an increased demand for car washing services in this country. So now is a very good time to open that new shop or upgrade your current business.

Drainage System Installation

Contact your local heavy duty drainage systems professionals to get the precise technical information and specifications for a slot drainage system that's right for your situation.

They will have the expertise to explain what you need in terms of:

  • flow rate required - how many litres per minute
  • the depth of flow
  • length of the drain
  • whether a stainless steel or fibre glass drain is the better option.

Their experience will be invaluable in deciding on the optimum layout for your system. It's placement and design are not only important to its overall efficiency in handling water. The overall layout and aesthetics also have a large role to play in how your customers perceive the business. Your business should appear streamlined and efficient and present a friendly and welcoming ambience. These aspects certainly should not to be overlooked when installing your system.