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Five High-Tech Features to Consider for Your Next Toilet

New toilets promise to make the bathroom experience cleaner, more relaxing and more high-tech than ever before. If you are thinking about having a plumber install a new toilet in your home, remember that you don't have to choose the conventional standby. Instead, you can explore a wide range of toilets with exciting features like these five:

1. Touchless Technology

When you, your family members or your guests go into your bathroom, you can easily pick up or leave germs by touching the surfaces in your bathroom. Touchless toilet technology promises to change all of that.

Now, you can buy models of toilets that have automatically opening and closing lids, and when you are done using these toilets, you certainly don't have to touch the flushing handle either -- rather, just wave your hand over the sensor tank and watch as the toilet flushes automatically.

2. Smell-Stopping Seats

When the smells in your bathroom used to get overwhelming, your choices were spraying air freshener, lighting a match or opening the window. Now, you don't have to do any of those things. Instead, you can let your toilet seat clean the air.

A new generation of high-tech toilets even host odor-eating seats. The seats in these toilets feature a fan that draws in smelly air and runs it through an odor-eliminating filter. You can even add a fun and fresh smelling cartridge if you want a certain odor to permeate your bathroom.

3. Thermal Toilets

Rather than freezing your bum when you sit on the toilet seat in the morning, you can invest in a toilet with a thermal seat. On some high-tech toilets, heated seats can be controlled with a remote from the other room.

As soon as you wake up on a cold morning, grab the remote from your bedside table, turn on your heated seat, give it a minute to warm up and then run to the toilet to complete your business in cozy comfort.

4. Bubbling Bidet

If you want a truly clean bum at the end of your toilet experience, you can inexpertly wipe with dry toilet paper, or you can use water to create a fresh and lasting clean feeling. In the past, if you wanted to use water, you had to grab a wet rag or install a bidet in your bathroom in addition to your toilet, and that wastes space and time in most homes.

Now, there is a better option. You can buy high-tech toilets that feature built-in bidets, and you can even add drying features so that you don't have to wander off from the toilet with a wet bum. 

5. Testing Toilets

While toilets may not be replacing doctors and hospitals in the near future, some toilets are now equipped to handle a number of medical tests, particularly in the arena of women's health.

If you have a chronic condition like high blood pressure, if you are trying to get pregnant or if you just like to keep an eye on what's happening with your body, you may want a toilet that can analyse your body. One such toilet analyses blood sugar levels, tells you if you are pregnant, reads your temperature and senses a range of other things.

Get "examined" during your morning or evening trips to the toilet, and then, have the info sent to your computer and organised in a graph.

From SD-card slots that allow you to hook up your favourite tunes to self-drying bidets with optional massage features, new toilets offer more than ever before. Don't have the funds to buy the high-tech toilet of your dream? Then, talk with a plumber about other options ranging from hands-free flushing kits to bidet hoses that you can add to conventional toilets. For more information, contact a business such as Andrew Vanny Plumbing